Library Agreement

10. Limiting data protection The library reserves the right to access all information available via the account that the library deems reasonably necessary to comply with existing legislation, (b) the application of the members` agreement, including the investigation into possible violations of this agreement; c) detect, prevent or re-enulandicate the theft of library material, copyright infringements, Violation of third-party user contracts, fraud or breach of security, (d) respond to requests for assistance to users, (e) protection of the rights, ownership or security of the library, its users and the public, or f) This type of “transformative agreements” concluded by the Italian national consortium CRUI-CARE allows the authors of the members of the EUI to make their articles available free of charge in Open Access without paying any individual articles processing fees (APC). 13. Violation of the member agreement If the member violates a provision of the library agreement or code, policy or policy, the library may terminate and/or suspend the member`s account, access to library services and associated library privileges for a period that the library deems appropriate. In addition, the member`s violation may lead to the initiation of civil or criminal proceedings against the member. The library reserves the right, but is not required to investigate the member`s use of the account to determine whether there is a breach of the member`s agreement or to comply with legislation, regulations, court proceedings or administrative or law enforcement requests. After the member account is deleted, the member must return all documents lent by the member to the library and pay all fees requested by the library. The library agreement also provides access to the magazines made available by CUP and Springer. 16.

Full agreement The membership agreement is the complete agreement between the library and the member regarding the use of library and account services. 8. Control of law and severnability. This license is governed by California state laws and is interpreted as applicable to agreements in California between California residents that are fully implemented. This licence is not subject to the United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts, the application of which is expressly excluded. If, for whatever reason, a competent court finds that a provision or part of it is not applicable, the rest of that licence will remain fully in force. These standard university contract formats can be updated at any time. Updates are shown in the top right corner of each document.