Orange Theory Membership Agreement

In addition, you can transfer your membership to another person, but these requests are processed on a case-by-case basis. For example, an employee of an Orangetheory site in Miami Beach, Fla., told us that the current member and potential member should meet with the manager to request an affiliate transfer. I reread the retraction clause in the agreement, then I searched the OTF website (public and only member) to find out where it says that, IN ADDITION TO the letter I sent in accordance with the terms of the agreement that I must also fill out and file a cancellation form. Yes, the spoiler alarm, it does not exist. I reply that I have fulfilled my commitment to the extent that the conditions for the cancellation of my agreement with them are met, that I will not complete any additional documents and that all fees collected after July 26 will be challenged. Prior to his entry, the designated applicant, Stuart Robertson, stated that he had looked at Promotional material from Orangetheory suggesting that new members were entitled to a “Money Back 30Day Guarantee”. Subsequently, the applicant registered for a membership worth USD 129/month and stated that the language of the membership agreement allowed for termination with a 30-day period (minus a proportional refund). The applicant also stated that he had not been given a copy of his contract, as required by AESA. The contract originally signed, Robertson said, also allowed a partial refund if it had cancelled within three days. A few days after joining the fire and did not feel the fire, the applicant informed the gym that he intended to terminate his membership, but he was apparently informed that he had to sign a separate termination contract in which he would agree to pay for two months (a representative reportedly informed him that even if he had been charged for the second month on the same day he joined the club). In addition, Robertson stated that after refusing to sign the retraction form and informing the representative that he would order his credit card to block all future Orangetheory charges, he was told that there would be “further consequences” for non-payment of the remaining fees.

Members often join a fitness club to get a coach out of another round of burpees out of them, with some gifted encouragement, but in this case the complainant was particularly deflated and decided to run immediately to his law firm. · You agree to comply with all contractual conditions applicable to third parties when using the iOS app (for example. B, you must not violate the terms of your wireless data service when using the iOS app). The participation fee is $25, plus participation fees (membership or prepaid parcel meetings). Participants understand that they are responsible for the payment of all meetings. To cancel your Orangetheory subscription, you must first contact the studio to find out if there is a retraction form or if you need to write your own cancellation request. You can then submit your application in person or send it by authenticated email. Sending your request by authenticated email is necessary, as a signature is required during delivery. This ensures that your cancellation date is 30 days from receipt. Similarly, the website contains web pages that allow you to get information about Orangetheory gyms operated by independent franchisees (“Franchisee Sites”).

Unless expressly stated on the site, we do not support or make any assurance about the services that may be offered in franchise studios.