Christian marraiage

Masihi Vivah Sampark Karyakram (MVSK)

Masihi Vivah Sampark Karyakram – मसीही विवाह संपर्क कार्यक्रम

Believer Marriage

Dear Pastors/Christian leaders/ Parents,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Subject: An interdenominational Christian marriage initiative for eligible bachelors in all protestant/Bible-believing churches/Satsang/fellowships

I am sure you would agree that it breaks our hearts when we see our young man and woman waiting endlessly to get married and at times compromising on their chastity or falling into various sins in the due course of time. It burdens my heart and also of many like-minded church leaders seeing many of our Christian parents as well as new believers from other backgrounds struggling to find a suitable match for marriage of their children even until after their marriageable age passes. It is certainly an important concern to the new believer parents from the rural background as they fear – how our children shall get married – who shall marry them if we embrace the biblical faith as their society/village may not accept them socially anymore for marriage. This becomes a stumbling block for many new believers in fully surrendering to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Many parents compromise in ignorance or due to lack of support in finding suitable match which has caused further problem in the family and the churches.

In order to overcome this hurdle in the kingdom work, after much prayers and Holy Spirit’s leading, we have decided to write to you to help us create a database of the pastors, parents and believer bachelors with their basic details. This database for shall be collected in the phase-1 to be concluded in next 3 months and published in our website as well as printed magazine available for subscription. Such database will help pastors and parents to get in touch with other believer parents/pastors for marriage purposes. We shall have no control over any communication between the parents/pastors once the data is provided.

Kindly pray for this initiative as we help our believer children find suitable match so that they are not unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). Please note that we shall not be collecting contact information of the bachelors or sharing it with the young people but only of the pastor and the parents to avoid any misconnections and confusion.

Thank you for your understanding, all possible help and continued fervent prayers.

Parents may use the form to fill up the information to be displayed on the website.

Note: Visit RESULTS page to see the existing eligible bachelors details | हिन्दी में इस पेज को पढ़ें