The three testing ground of a believer

The three testing ground

Praise the Lord.

Just wanted to share a thought for meditation with you all, my fellow brothers and sisters. There are three testing ground of a believer to examine his or her spiritual health.

Three testing ground of a believer

1. Our mind
2. Our family
3. In the midst of unbelievers (non-Christians)

Our mind:

This is the place where satan plays games and tries to push us down. He cannot read the mind but he can surely put thoughts in our minds which can become a stronghold if we do not bring it captive to Christ. People cannot read our minds too and therefore we tend to think whatever evil; however, what we bring out is polished output. God examines us at our heart level. This is our first testing ground.

Our Family:

Our family is our first front of christian service where we have to show our live our faith on day to day basis. Its easier to show to outsiders that we are good believers but actually its our family who sees our real ‘self’. We may lead or destroy them by our testimony. We may force our children to memorize verses and discipline them spiritually; however, if we fail in leading by example, we are actually FAILED on the second testing ground.

In the midst of unbelievers:

We believers tend to keep a wonderful ‘halleluyah’ testimony among the believers and show a good christian life, but when we are in the world where no brother or sister from our fellowship is watching, we start showing up our worldly face and unchristian character. This is the 3rd and serious testing ground where we need to examine ourselves. God will hold us accountable for our testimony in their (unbelievers) midst more as compared to our reputation among believers because we are supposed to live as LIGHT and SALT among the non-believers so that they may praise our father in heaven looking at our lives (words and deeds).

A true Christian is not the one who was born in a Christian family; but ONLY the one, who has restored his relationship with his creator by personal faith in Lord Jesus Christ. A person may be born in any family of any religion and may be called as much ‘Christian’ as much as a person born in any indian family is called ‘Indian’. We just need to be born in Christ spiritually after our physical birth. God is Spirit and so he is least bothered about our physical aspects to contribute in our spiritual discipline. A true Christian is supposed to ‘LOVE’ and not hate or discriminate any body as ‘lesser’ due to his faith (in any religion) or lack of faith (in Christ). Lets keep loving and become a beacon of hope and love in this dark world, each one of us.

God bless you all as you read and meditate on this.