Should or can Christians practice YOGA?

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the rave at the gym for GenX and symphony at the concert for aged, with some men and women, ignorantly and innocently signing up to practice yoga, day-dreaming of the perfect figure they saw in the advertisement where a supermodel was posing in Yoga posture seeming convincing of perfect health (who I am sure did not attain such figure by Yoga). One may allude to its popularity to another lifestyle to help you lose weight or balance your life, but do they actually know the origins of yoga? I would not want to push you to take my decision for you; however, before making a conclusion on whether to do yoga or not, I recommend you to take a deep look at the facts given below.

Yoga is a spiritual science of self-realization. It comes from India and goes back over five thousand of years. The Indian sage Pantajali, in his Yoga sutras defines yoga as the control of the activities of the mind. Yoga methods encompass the entire field of our existence, from the physical, emotional and mental to the spiritual. Its methods include ethical disciplines, physical postures, breath control, as well as meditation. Continue Reading

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Aaj ka din
Aao Abdi Baap Say
Aaye hai hum
Aisi Roti De
Apni Shanti Tumhe Deta Hu’
Aradhana ho aradhana
Baar baar baha
Bhajta Kyo nahi re
Bhej abar Rooh ka
Bhoole aur bhatke they hum
Bijliya chamkengi
Bin Yeshu
Bolo jai
Chale aao thake logo
Chalen Hum Khushia’n Lekar
Chhoo mujhe chhoo
Darenge Nahi Mout Se Kabh
Dhanya dhanya dhanya tujhko
Dharti akaash dono
Dua se badhkar koi dua nahi
Duniya Ke Kone Kone Mein
Duniya se kaho
Gaate Bajate Jayenge Hum
Gane Ke Dil Bajane Ka Jivan
Ghar Ghar Aaye Yeeshu Naam
Gin gin ke
Gunah ki raah pe
Hai swargiya pita ho dhanyawad
He Yeshu Mahan
Hey Yahowa Bal Mere
Ho jaijaikar jaijaikaar karein
Humko Duniya Se Kya Kam re
Jab se pyara Yeshu aaya
Jee utha
Jo Krus pe Qurban Hai
Jungli Darakhto ke darmiyan
Kamzor dil ki
Kaun Bachayega Mujhko Chhu
Khoon Apna Bahaake
Khubsoorat Hai Masih Tu
Khul Jayengi kitabe
Kitna haseen wada yeh
Kroos uthakar khoon baha ke
Lahu Bahane Waale Yeeshu
Mai hun magan
Main jo doba tha
Man Ka Deep Jalaa
Masih Mahima Ho
Masih Tu Meri Zindagi
Mera mann dho dena
Mera Yeshu mere paapa’n
Mera Yeshu Yeshu
Meri Aankhen Kholo Yeeshu
Meri rooh khuda ki
Mujhko Yeeshu Masih Mil Gaye
Mukti dilaye Yeshu naam
Naare lagao aur gao re
Neele aasma ke paar
Nirbal Paapi Haare Hue Hum
Paawan Prabhu Tum
Padh Ke Kalaam
Param Pita
Pavitra Atma Aa
Pawan Hai Woh Prabhu Hamara
Prabhu ka anand hei meri taqat.mp3
Prabhu ka kar dhanyawad
Prabhu Tera Pyar
Prabhu Yahowa mujhme hai
Prarthana mei
Raaho me kaante agar ho
Rabb Kee Howay Sana
Rah paak ki sub barkatein
Roohe-paak humpe aa
Ruh ki aag
Saari srishti ke malik
Sabse Uncha Sabse Pyara
Sahara mujhko chahiye
Sari Shristi ke Maalik
Senao ka Yahowa
Sharon ka gulaab
Shunya se leke
Siyyon Desh
Subah ho ya shaam
Sundar mera Yeshu sundar_hai
Swarg ki os
Swargiya aashish de
Swargiya pita hum aate hai
Swargiye Pita Hum Aate Hai
Tera Kalaam
Tera lahoo
Tere lahu ke waseley
Tere lahu se
Tere liye mere liye
Tere Maar Khane se
Tere pyar hai mahaan
Tere Sanmukh
Teri aamed ke naghamein
Teri aradhana karun
Teri huzoori ka baadal
Teri Icchaa
Tu hai meri aasha
Tum Jagat Ki Jyoti Ho
Us karbe musalsal ka-Sharon
Us Masih Ka Hum Naman Kart
Vandana karte hai
Vande Prabhu
Vishwas dhaal do Dhaari Talwaar
Vishwas yogya
Waha haleluyah jamghat howega
Woh khaane ko deta
Yahowa Yahowa
Ye Duniya Bazaar Hai
Yeeshu Teri Prem
Yeh Bible muqaddas
Yeh dhara aasma-guitar
Yeh mera mann
Yehova ka dhanyawad
Yeshu Bula Rahaa
Yeshu ka lahu
Yeshu ka naam hei
Yeshu ka naam sukhdayi
Yeshu ko mai
Yeshu Mashi Deta Khusi
Yeshu mere dil mei hei
Yeshu mere saath hei-clip
Yeshu Naam Mein Udhar Humko
Yeshu ne zidagi dee
Yeshu Tu He Mahan -2
Yeshu Tujh Ko Pa Jana
Yeshu tujhe pyaar karta
Yeshu tumhe bula raha
Yogya kewal tu
Zanzeero ko torta hei-cut

Religion v/s Spirituality – The truth of False Religion

God has blessed and encouraged me thoroughly by the ‘Word of the Week’ by Zac Poonen. I am publishing it as is here with due credit to him. Read and be blessed. WORD FOR THE WEEK 21 February 2010
Christian Fellowship Church, Bangalore, India

The Essence of Babylon – From Man, Through Man And To Man

Zac Poonen

In Genesis 11:4 we read that the people of the world decided to build a tower. They said to each other, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city and a tower whose top would reach to heaven.” They wanted their tower to be the gate of God (Babel). Human effort to reach God is a major constituent of false religion. False religion is always a religion of works – and not one of faith and dependence on God. Continue Reading

Who can please God

A person who does not know God is like a lost person who does not know the reason of his existence at a given place on a given time. He just keeps living life as it comes. Majority of people in this lost world lives without knowing the light and do all sort of things without knowing the consequences.

Another group of people who exist in this world, are those, who truly believe in the existence of God but do not know who he is, they seek him. All religions in this world came into existence, because of this very reason. However, such people do what is right in their own sight. This same thing happened in the Old Testament times also. Continue Reading

A Believer’s journey – Prerna Singh

I had to visit Kuwait.

I had to catch a flight in the early morning with my husband and my infant son. Many preparations were done. Ticket were bought first, then getting up in the very early morning, packing bags, packing the food for the baby, standing in the queue for the check-in , passport control queues, taking care of the infant all throughout because he was running here and there at the airport, boarding the plane, plane take off, air pressure causing pain in the ears, sitting in the tight seats, though feeling sleepy yet not able to stretch, landing of the plane, bearing second installment of pain in the ears, tired etc. Continue Reading

The perfect mistake

I was amazed why God did not allow me to change the ‘Word of the week’ for two weeks. I intended to change, yet, when I asked for it, He did not provide His Word. Finally I chose to keep this page as is – thinking probably God has to make that message available to someone who really needed it.

Finally, He touched my heart with one very inspiring story from Email Ministry – ‘The perfect mistake’. I have been thoroughly blessed, so publishing it as is, with all due credit to the Email Ministry team.

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< Continue Reading

Are you Wrestler, boxer or a Soldier

The word ‘fight’ normally brings a bad picture in our minds. It would not give a good impression of the person who ‘fights’. The scene that quickly pops up in our mind immediately after hearing this term is of – exchange of heated arguments, obscene language, physical assault and some other things of such kinds. Continue Reading

How To Read The Bible For Better Understanding

I have written few books and I am sure I am the best person who can explain every single word and sentence that I have written in my books. Bible is written by the Holy Spirit of God through human hands who were inspired to write what God wanted, who can be a better teacher than God himself to teach us what he wrote and what he meant.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

– 2 Timothy 3:16-17

The Bible is not a mere book (or collection of spiritual books) but its a living word – the Word of God, its own best teacher. The Bible however is not arranged like an encyclopedia. You cannot go to chapter 1 and read everything about God and go to chapter 2 to read everything about Jesus, etc. Remember when reading the Bible the verses and chapter breaks are placed in the scriptures by man. It is better to read by paragraph, these too are man-made but they do conform better to the original language than verses. Some ground rules need to be set up first: Continue Reading

Is Bible truly the Word of God

Is Bible truly the Word of real God or is it just a book written by human beings – this is a very interesting and thought provoking question; and probably one of the most important questions which anyone can ask the followers of Christ:Is Bible truly the Word of real God or is it just a book written by human beings – this is a very interesting and thought provoking question; and probably one of the most important questions which anyone can ask the followers of Christ.

What is so special, so unique about the Bible that we should consider it as the Word of God? Is Bible truly the Word of God, the authoritative instruction manual from creator God to guide us in right way and attitude of living our lives?What is so special, so unique about the Bible that we should consider it as the Word of God? Is Bible truly the Word of God, the authoritative instruction manual from creator God to guide us in right way and attitude of living our lives?

It is very easy to believe it by faith. Yes! But it is equally difficult to prove it unless we know the facts, especially when people demand reasoning for our faith.

I believe Bible is the true and only Word of God given to us to express the will, purpose and ways of God to the human race (irrespective of our caste, creed and religion). Whether you are born in a Hindu, Muslim, Catholic or a Christian family, you must know the following: Continue Reading

Jeevan se sakshatkar
जीवन से साक्षात्कार

Note: Jeevan se sakshatkar is a hindi ebook, freely available for download. Its a real life transformation story of a young man who almost reached to the point of atheism and neglecting God because of terrible unchanging situations of life. At this point, how he found God and made a living relationship with him and knew him personally, which changed his life forever. Its written in devnagri script; however, its english version is available for download on this website with the name ‘Encounter with Life’.

prasiddh darshanik, itihasakar aur tarkashastree, Bartrand Russell, jo anek darshanik grathon ke lekhak rahe hai tatha jo apane nastik vicharon ke lie jane jate hain, unhonne kaha hai – jab tak ham ek eeshvar kee kalpana na karen ya usake astitv ko na man len, tab tak jivan ke uddeshy ke bare men sochana nirarthak hai.

mera vishvas hai ki hamare srishtikarta ne ham sabakee srishti kisi uddeshy ke sath kee hai. ham bhi jab kisi chiz ka nirman karate hain to usake pichhe kuchh na kuchh lakshy aur usake istemal ke lie kuchh yojana zaroor hoti hai. usi prakar mera manana hai ki hamare srishtikarta eeshvar ne ham men se harek ke lie ek yojana rakhi hai aur harek ke jivan ka ek uddeshy rakha hai. Continue Reading