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    Should or can Christians practice YOGA?

    What is Yoga? Yoga is the rave at the gym for GenX and symphony at the concert for aged, with some men and women, ignorantly and innocently signing up to practice yoga, day-dreaming of the perfect figure they saw in the advertisement where a supermodel was posing in Yoga posture seeming convincing of perfect health (who I am sure did not attain such figure by Yoga). One may allude to its popularity to another lifestyle to help you lose weight or balance your life, but do they actually know the origins of yoga? I would not want to push you to take my decision for you; however, before making a…

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    Baatein jeevan ke moti
    बाटें जीवन के मोती

    We all are called to know God personally. Whilst we have tasted his goodness and have put our faith in him after knowing him personally, we are also called to live in obedience to his commandments in love. Lord Jesus Christ gave a commission of immense importance to his disciples in the gospel according to Matthew, chapter 28 and verses 19-20 that we must go out and tell all people regardless of their caste, creed, sex, age and religion about the love of God and freely given forgiveness for all repentant sinners. By my first hand experience I have learnt many aspects of gospel sharing and evangelism which I wish…

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    Aakhiri narsinga foonka jaane wala hai
    आखिरी नरसिंगा फ़ूंका जाने वाला है

    आखिरी नरसिंगा फूँका जानेवाला है [G]आखिरी नरसिंगा फूँका [F]जानेवाला है[Gm] [Gm]तेरा मेरा सबका यीशु [F]आनेवाला है[Gm] तू कहाँ [D#]होगा, [F]तू कहाँ होगा[Gm] [G]पहले तो मसीह में मु्र्दे [F]जी उठेंगे[Gm] [Gm]बाकी जो हम ज़िंदा हैं [F]बदल जायेंगे[Gm] [Gm]पल भर में यह देखो सबकुछ [F]होनेवाला है[Gm] तू कहाँ [D#]होगा, [F]तू कहाँ होगा[Gm] [G]तेरे दिल के सारे गम [F]बढ़ते जायेंगे[Gm] [Gm]बीत गये जो लम्हें तेरे [F]पास न आयेंगे[Gm] [Gm]दुनिया में तू तन्हा ही रह [F]जानेवाला है[Gm] तू कहाँ [D#]होगा, तू कहाँ होगा[Gm] [G]तेरी दौलत, तेरी शौहरत [F]काम न आयेगी [Gm]ये सब चीज़ें प्यारे तेरे [F]साथ न जायेंगी [Gm]सब चीज़ों का खात्मा [F]जल्दी होनेवाला है तू कहाँ [D#]होगा, [F]तू कहाँ होगा Aakhiri narsinga phoonka…

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    A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z  | Listen Songs online| Download Songs Download songs (mp3): Download the mp3 file by ‘Right click’ on the link and select ‘Save link as’ or ‘Save file as’ option in context menu. Browse to the location where you want to save the file and press ‘Ok’ or ‘Save’. Aaj ka din Aakhiri_narsinga_foonka Aao Abdi Baap Say Aao_hum_chale_Yeshu_ke_paas Aaya_Masih_duniya_me_tu Aaye hai hum Ae_Yeshu_kaha_hai_tu…

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    Religion v/s Spirituality – The truth of False Religion

    God has blessed and encouraged me thoroughly by the ‘Word of the Week’ by Zac Poonen. I am publishing it as is here with due credit to him. Read and be blessed. WORD FOR THE WEEK 21 February 2010 Christian Fellowship Church, Bangalore, India www.cfcindia.com. The Essence of Babylon – From Man, Through Man And To Man Zac Poonen In Genesis 11:4 we read that the people of the world decided to build a tower. They said to each other, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city and a tower whose top would reach to heaven.” They wanted their tower to be the gate of God (Babel). Human effort…

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    The perfect mistake

    I was amazed why God did not allow me to change the ‘Word of the week’ for two weeks. I intended to change, yet, when I asked for it, He did not provide His Word. Finally I chose to keep this page as is – thinking probably God has to make that message available to someone who really needed it. Finally, He touched my heart with one very inspiring story from Email Ministry – ‘The perfect mistake’. I have been thoroughly blessed, so publishing it as is, with all due credit to the Email Ministry team. <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

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    Sin of Commission and Sin of Omission

    Sin of Commission – doing something which God forbade and Sin of Omission – not doing something which God demanded While I was meditating on the Word of God once, I experienced a thought banging my mind – how should I categorize the sins. ‘Big and Small sins’, ‘Exposed and hidden sins’ or ‘Acceptable and abominable sins’ and many more categories passed through my mind in which I could categorize them. Usually, the most soothing classification to our conscious is ‘big and small sins’ as we normally do classify them for ourselves for the ease of living. Though it is much easier to handle, it is not biblical. There are…

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    Satyamev Jayate

    सत्यमेव जयते  सत्यमेव जयते – अर्थात सत्य की सदा जीत होती है। हम इस बात पर विश्वास करते हैं और इसी कारण बहुत से त्योंहार मनाते हैं। कुछ त्योंहारों में हम परस्पर असत्य पर सत्य की विजय को प्रतिबिंबित करते हैं और इसीलिये उत्सव में शामिल होते हैं। हम आनंद मनाते हैं और उससे जुड़े कई तरह के रीतिरिवाज भी पूरे करते हैं। सच तो यह है कि हम चाहते तो हैं कि सत्य की ही अंत में जीत होनी चाहिये, परंतु सत्य से ही अनजान हैं। मेरा मानना है कि सामान्यतया मनुष्य की रुचि सत्य में ही होती है। झूठ को कोई सुनना पसंद नहीं करता। हाँ, यह बात…

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    Hope for hopeless | Brijesh Chorotia

    I have found God who is the source of true peace, love, joy, happiness, success and all heavenly blessings. I am enjoying my life much more than I did earlier. I have confidence and trust in God that HE LOVES ME. My Testimonial I was born in India of Hindu parents in February, 1977. I was educated in Jaipur till my graduation and did my post graduation from IIT-Roorkee, India in Earth Sciences in Applied Geology. While I was in the college, I met a Hindu girl, who was a born again believer (Yeshu Bhakt). She shared the good news of God’s love through his Son Jesus Christ with me…