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    Is spirituality old-fashioned?

    Is spirituality old-fashioned? This question is pertinent to ask because spirituality sounds old-fashioned and outdated to the modern society. This is the bare truth of the modern society. In today’s culture – fun, fashion, openness, equality and ‘something different & liberal’ trends. Today’s youth finds it odd to mingle and settle with spirituality because it looks like the thing of the aged people. Spirituality is also looked down because it appears boring, monotonous, judgmental and binding. However, the main reason is – that it has been there from the ages and only the elderly people talk about it. To a young person, it is old-fashioned and certainly not trendy. SPIRITUALITY…

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    कोरोनावाइरस – अंत समय में परमेश्वर की चेतावनी

    कोरोनावाइरस – अंत समय में परमेश्वर की चेतावनी – गिरिजेश वर्मा कोरोना वायरस हर तरफ इस भयावह वायरस की चर्चा है, एक ऐसा सूक्ष्म वायरस जो हमें दिखाई तक नही देता, परंतु जिसने वैश्विक स्तर पर 14,510 लोगों को मौत के घाट उतार दिया है। इसी अतिसूक्षम वायरस ने 3,32,930 से अधिक लोगों को संक्रमित कर दिया है। ये आँकड़े तब हैं जब कि मैं यह आर्टिकल लिख रहा हूं और ये लगातार बढ़ रहे हैं। शहर के शहर लॉक डाउन कर दिए गए हैं और सब लोग अपने अपने घरों पर है। WHO ने इस बीमारी को महामारी घोषित कर दिया है। विश्व भर में इसके केस लगातार बढ़ते…

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    क्या आदम को स्वर्ग मिलेगा?

    क्या आदम को स्वर्ग मिलेगा? हमारे व्हाट्सएप ग्रुप पर एक मैंबर का यह सवाल हमारे सामने आया। मेरा उत्तर: मैं सोचता हूँ कि जो परमेश्वर के वचन, राज्य और प्रभु के सानिध्य के बारे में सोचता है उसके मन में ढेरों सवाल आना स्वाभाविक भी है और ज़रूरी भी। यदि हम स्वर्ग, बाइबल और बाइबल के पात्रों के बारे में विचार नहीं करते तो हमारा विश्वास गहरा नहीं है। हम अपने उद्धार पर ही ठहर जायें और बाइबल के गहरे भेद जानने की कोशिश न करें तो हमारा मसीही जीवन व आत्मिक ज्ञान सतही रह जायेगा। इसलिये मैं सवाल पूछने वाले अपने विश्वासी भाई के इस सवाल की सराहना करता हूँ।…

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    Darenge nahi maut se kabhi
    डरेंगे नहीं मौत से कभी

      डरेंगे नहीं, मौत से कभी डरेंगे नहीं, मौत से कभी, यीशु के पीछे, चलें हम सभी क्रूस उठायेंगे हँसते हुए, जान गवाँ देंगे, जीते जीते, अपना करेंगे इन्कार सदा, यीशु के पीछे, हो लेंगे डरेंगे नहीं… नम्र बनेंगे झुकते हुए, पाँव धोने को होंगे खड़े, प्रेमी मसीह के कदमों में हम, कु्र्बान कर देंगे तन मन और धन डरेंगे नहीं… नहीं बचायेंगे प्राण अपने भी, पायेंगे जीवन का ताज तभी, नवजन्म पाकर भारत भूमी पर, यीशु का जीवन जीयें हर पल डरेंगे नहीं… Darenge nahi, maut se kabhi Darenge nahi, mout se kabhi Yeshu ke peechhe, chale ham sabhi Kruss uthaenge haste hue Jaan gavaa denge, jeete jeete Apna…

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    You are the author

    For 2 weeks, once again I was asking God to give me a message for this place. I think more than seeking the will of God, I was bothered about filling this space and therefore I received nothing. Now today, while meditating upon the word ‘jeevan’ (in hindi, which means ‘life’, I was amazed at this one thought. Let’s consider our whole life as a book called LIFE and every day we spend as a page of this book. Each one of us has his own book and every individual is busy writing it everyday, every moment whether realizing it or not. This God given book is currently being authored…

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    Religion v/s Spirituality – The truth of False Religion

    God has blessed and encouraged me thoroughly by the ‘Word of the Week’ by Zac Poonen. I am publishing it as is here with due credit to him. Read and be blessed. WORD FOR THE WEEK 21 February 2010 Christian Fellowship Church, Bangalore, India www.cfcindia.com. The Essence of Babylon – From Man, Through Man And To Man Zac Poonen In Genesis 11:4 we read that the people of the world decided to build a tower. They said to each other, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city and a tower whose top would reach to heaven.” They wanted their tower to be the gate of God (Babel). Human effort…

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    The perfect mistake

    I was amazed why God did not allow me to change the ‘Word of the week’ for two weeks. I intended to change, yet, when I asked for it, He did not provide His Word. Finally I chose to keep this page as is – thinking probably God has to make that message available to someone who really needed it. Finally, He touched my heart with one very inspiring story from Email Ministry – ‘The perfect mistake’. I have been thoroughly blessed, so publishing it as is, with all due credit to the Email Ministry team. <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

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    Sin of Commission and Sin of Omission

    Sin of Commission – doing something which God forbade and Sin of Omission – not doing something which God demanded While I was meditating on the Word of God once, I experienced a thought banging my mind – how should I categorize the sins. ‘Big and Small sins’, ‘Exposed and hidden sins’ or ‘Acceptable and abominable sins’ and many more categories passed through my mind in which I could categorize them. Usually, the most soothing classification to our conscious is ‘big and small sins’ as we normally do classify them for ourselves for the ease of living. Though it is much easier to handle, it is not biblical. There are…