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    Binti (vinti) sun le Yeshu pyare
    बिनती (विनती) सुन ले यीशु प्यारे

      बिनती सुन ले यीशु प्यारे [D]बिनती सुन ले [C]यीशु प्यारे [D]बिनती सुन ले [C]यीशु प्यारे [G]मोरे संग रहो [D]महाराज अब तुम [C]राखो मेरी [D]लाज प्रभु तुम [C]राखो मेरी [D]लाज [D]बिनती करूँ तुम[Bm] से कर जोरी [G]अब तुम बिनती[A] सुन लो मोरी[D] [Bm]मोहे आशा [G]लग रही तोरी [Bm]मोहे आशा [G]लग रही तोरी [Em]दर्श दिखा दो [A]आज [C]अब तुम राखो मेरी [D]लाज [C]बिनती सुनो मेरी [D]महाराज बिनती सुन ले… [D]आपका मैं [Bm]शैदा कहलाऊँ [G]आस लगी तोरे [A] दर्शन पाऊँ[D] [Bm]युग युग आपका[G] मैं गुण गाऊँ [Bm]युग युग आपका[G] मैं गुण गाऊँ [Em]मेरे गरीब [A]नवाज़ [C]अब तुम राखो मेरी [D]लाज [C]बिनती सुनो मेरी [D]महाराज बिनती सुन ले… [D]तुम ही हमारे [Bm]तारणहारे [G]मन…

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    A person who does not know God is like a lost person who does not know the reason of his existence at a given place on a given time. He just keeps living life as it comes. Majority of people in this lost world lives without knowing the light and do all sort of things without knowing the consequences. Another group of people who exist in this world, are those, who truly believe in the existence of God but do not know who he is, they seek him. All religions in this world came into existence, because of this very reason. However, such people do what is right in their…

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    The perfect mistake

    I was amazed why God did not allow me to change the ‘Word of the week’ for two weeks. I intended to change, yet, when I asked for it, He did not provide His Word. Finally I chose to keep this page as is – thinking probably God has to make that message available to someone who really needed it. Finally, He touched my heart with one very inspiring story from Email Ministry – ‘The perfect mistake’. I have been thoroughly blessed, so publishing it as is, with all due credit to the Email Ministry team. <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

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    How to pray that God hears

    From my book Encounter with Life When it comes to the prayer, a general opinion is that God may or may not hear our prayer and that it is God’s prerogative to answer or not to answer. This may be partially true but definitely this is not the whole truth. Remember, He is a just God and will not lie or cheat or break His promise or turn from His own Word. He does not back-off from his word. God has expressed his attitude and character in the Bible.

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    My Fortress, Prince of Peace, My Lord, Jesus | Aarti Modi

    Family Background My name is Aarti Modi (was known as Aarti Sharma before marriage). I was born in a small village in Rajasthan in 1985 in a Brahman family. Our family was devoted to all Hindu gods and goddesses and would religiously do idol worship in the temple. As part of this belief, we would also believe in associated superstitions. I was a very religious girl and would follow the example of my dadiji in performing religious duty. Dadiji used to tell Hindu mythological stories to other ladies in the village, go to temple every day – morning and evening, go for teerthyatra etc. I would follow her example and…