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    Dear Brother/Sister, If you have an urgent prayer request, please use the below link to send your prayer request from your ANDROID phone/tablet immediately to us using the below link: Send Prayer Request to whatsapp using ANDROID phone With regards and prayers, Aatmik Sandesh Masihi Satsang www.aatmik-sandesh.com Note: This link will not work on PC or iphone browsers. This is specifically meant for ANDROID users.

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    Aradhana me hai chhutkara
    आराधना में है छुटकारा

      आराधना में है छुटकारा [D]आराधना में है [Bm]छुटकारा [D]आराधना में है [Bm]चंगाई [A]शरीर प्राण आत्मा में, शांति आनंद देता है [G]जान से [A]प्यारा [D]प्रभु [D]प्रार्थना करें [Bm]आराधना करें [G]वो अच्छा है [A]कितना भला [D]है -2 [A]छुटकारा पाए हमेशा[D] – २ [D]मांगोगे तो [Bm]मिलेगा, [D]ढूंढोगे तो [Bm]पाओगे – २ [A]खटखटाओ खुलेंगी स्वर्ग की आशिषे [G]पाओ तुम [A]उसे [D]अभी [D]प्रार्थना करो [Bm]निरंतर, [D]प्रार्थना करो [Bm]विश्वास से – 2 [A]धर्मी जन की प्रार्थना. विश्वास की प्रार्थना [G]खोलती है सारे [A]बंधन [D]को Aradhana me hei chhutakara [D]Aaradhna mei hai [Bm]chhutkara, [D]aaradhna mei hai [Bm]changai [A]Shareer praan aatma mei, shanti anand deta hei [G]jaan se [A]pyara [D]prabhu [D]Prarthna karein [Bm]araadhana karein, [G]Woh aacha hai…

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    How to pray that God hears

    From my book Encounter with Life When it comes to the prayer, a general opinion is that God may or may not hear our prayer and that it is God’s prerogative to answer or not to answer. This may be partially true but definitely this is not the whole truth. Remember, He is a just God and will not lie or cheat or break His promise or turn from His own Word. He does not back-off from his word. God has expressed his attitude and character in the Bible.