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    Good News: He justifies the ungodly But to him who does not work but believes on Him who JUSTIFIES THE UNGODLY his faith is accounted for righteousness… (emphasis added). [Romans 4:5 ,Holy Bible] I find it so amazing and it is so extra-ordinary to hear something like this ‘he (Jesus) justifies the ungodly’. This is surely a ‪#‎goodnews‬ because in our heart of hearts, we know how ‪#‎ungodly‬ we are or have been. 3 types of ungodly people exist: atheists, who totally deny the existence of God. Ofcourse they have nothing to do with God and are ungodly (un-God-ly) religious people, who have made so many rituals and culture as…

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    Good motive wrong doings

    You might need to do a good reading of the Bible this time to understand this article. I am reading 1 Samuel  for my personal morning devotion. God spoke to me from the life of king Saul about how we sometimes even as wholehearted ‘Believers’ fall in the trap of good motives but wrong doings. While reading chapter 15 of 1 Samuel, I started realizing the mistake what king Saul did. It would not be a mistake to say that we also commit the same mistake very often. On the meditation of the scriptures in this chapter, one thing became very evident – God is not as much interested in…