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    Aasmano me hai
    आसमानों में है

      आसमानों में है, मेरा भी एक मकान [D]आसमानों में है, मेरा भी एक [A]मकान, उसमें रहेंगे हम जाकर, [G]छोड़ेंगे जब [A]ये [D]जहाँ [D]मैं काहे घबराऊँ, मेरा भरोसा [A]वही, उसने किया है [D]वादा, वादा है सच्चा [A]सही, [G]जगह बनाऊँ [A]जाके, अपने पिता के [D]यहाँ, आसमानों… [D]लिखा गया मेमने की, पुस्तक में मेरा भी [A]नाम मुझ पापी पर हुआ [D]था, उसके पूजन का ये [A]काम [G]उसने बचाया है मुझको[A], वो है बड़ा मेहरबान[D] आसमानों… [D]झूठे जहाँ में तसल्ली, कभी नहीं पाओगे[A] यीशु के पास बोझ [D]लाओ, तभी आराम पाओगे[A] [G]उसके संग रहेंगे हम [A]जाके छोड़ेंगे जब ये [D]जहाँ, आसमानों… Aasmano’ mei hei, mera bhi makaan [D]Aasmano mei hai, mera bhi ek…

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    City on the hill

    During one of my recent travels to Uttaranchal, I visited Hrishikesh for a prayer walk with Shishye Thompson. As we were traveling on the meandering roads of this hilly region, I saw many houses built on the hills, mostly painted in white color but some in other colors too. The houses with other colors were camouflaged with the mountains and trees in the background. It was difficult to see them clearly, they just looked lost. Immediately, I was reminded of the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ – You are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. (Matthew 5:14)

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    How marriage and other ceremonies will happen?

    What about marriage and other ceremonies? Our rest of the families are yet following old religious traditions? So are we supposed to oppose them?   This is another subjective question in this series. I must admit, you have to take your own decision and deal with it based on the leading of the Holy Spirit of God. You will find people on both extremes – those who totally revolt and go against their families and relatives and eventually loose the opportunity to share the gospel forever or those who totally surrender themselves to idol worship and other customs and do not give any glory to true and living God. In…

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    Hope for hopeless | Brijesh Chorotia

    I have found God who is the source of true peace, love, joy, happiness, success and all heavenly blessings. I am enjoying my life much more than I did earlier. I have confidence and trust in God that HE LOVES ME. My Testimonial I was born in India of Hindu parents in February, 1977. I was educated in Jaipur till my graduation and did my post graduation from IIT-Roorkee, India in Earth Sciences in Applied Geology. While I was in the college, I met a Hindu girl, who was a born again believer (Yeshu Bhakt). She shared the good news of God’s love through his Son Jesus Christ with me…