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    Apka mulya chukaya gaya hai
    आपका मूल्य चुकाया गया है

    “क्योंकि पाप का मूल्य तो बस मृत्यु ही है जबकि हमारे प्रभु यीशु मसीह में अनंत जीवन परमेश्वर का वरदान है।” पुरातन ग्रंथ और आध्यात्मिक धर्मशास्त्र कहते हैं कि पूरी मानव जाति पाप के अंधकार में फंस कर अपने सृष्टिकर्ता के सान्निध्य से दूर हो गई है। हर प्रकार के पाप की क्षमा के लिये शुद्ध तथा निष्कलंक रक्त का बहना ज़रूरी है, क्योंकि लहू में जीवन होता है। कोई पशु पक्षी आदि का लहू नहीं परंतु परम पवित्र परमात्मा (सृष्टिकर्ता परमेश्वर) के लहू बहाने से ही सर्व मानवजाति का पाप क्षमा हो सकता है।

  • Miraculous Healings,  Testimonies

    Healing of our daughter brought us in relationship with our creator | Inder Mulchandani

    Greetings to you in the sweet name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My name is Inder Mulchandani. I belong to a traditional Hindu family. I would like to share with you my real life story (personal testimony) as to how God healed our daughter from a terminal illness and changed our lives by introducing us to our saviour, Jesus Christ. I want you to know that I did not convert my religion but I have found the true God. My testimony goes like this: In 1996, I met Anjali, a catholic girl on the reception counter of one of my customer’s office in Dubai. After several visits, we…

  • Commonly asked questions

    What about our traditions and culture?

    And what about other traditions? Can we not respect our elders by touching their feet? This is again a subjective question and above principle can explain this. However, to answer it specifically, I would recommend that we must ask wisdom from God to differentiate between culture and religious rituals. In general, you may touch the feet of elders, but we ought to understand that it is ensured that we would not compromise with the glory of God in anyway.

  • Miraculous Healings,  Testimonies

    Victory over sickness and death | Shiv Shankar Tiwari

    Praise the Lord! First of all, I want to give thanks to Lord Jesus who gave me this wonderful opportunity to glorify his name through my testimony. I want to introduce myself. I am Shivshankar Tiwari, born in an orthodox Hindu-Brahmin’s priest family on 29 February 1984. My grandfather Late Pandit Rohini Prasad Tiwari was a famous and renowned priest (Pandit/Purohit) of Jabalpur and also head priest of Gaurishankar Temple situated in Adhartal area of Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). This is the reason why my whole family is an orthodox and hardcore believer of Hinduism & their gods & goddess. I believe God has his own plans for everyone which he…

  • Faith Refined by Persecution,  Testimonies

    Seeing death face to face | Sharon Pervaiz

    Praise the Lord! I praise and thank God that he has kept me among the living beings in this world. I belong to Pakistan.  I was born in a traditional Christian family. My parents were very strict with regards to religion and its traditions. My father was very strict in keeping us regular to Sunday school, church attendance, serving Christ. He always gave these things the first priority (above everything else). I really thank God for such godly parents. I always felt something different about myself from the beginning. I cannot explain it, but I did. I was kind of godly person and would fear God, yet I committed many…

  • Life Transformation,  Testimonies

    From Crime to Christ | Rajkumar Kataria

    Background My name is Rajkumar. I was born in the village Tatarpur of district Aligarh in year1967. I belong to a Hindu family. We are seven brothers and sisters in total. We are three brothers and 4 sisters, and i am sixth child to our parents. My elder brother Raghuwar Dayal was working in AMC Force. I remember, when I was 4 years old, my elder sister (Didi) and her husband (Bahnoi) adopted me. Download testimony in hindi (PDF) | हिन्दी में गवाही डाउनलोड करें I came to Delhi with them and lived quite long span of my life with them. They had no child till then and they loved…