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    Ghar ghar aaye Yeshu naam
    घर घर आये यीशु नाम

      घर घर आये यीशु नाम [Em]घर घर आये [A]यीशु नाम हर मुख में वो [Em]पावन नाम यीशु नाम जय [D]ख्रीस्त नाम परमेश्वर प्रभु [Em]यीशु नाम [Em]अंधकार मिट जायेगा [A]भारत (जीवन) अब जग [Em]जायेगा [A]जगत ज्योत प्रभु यीशु में सूर्योदय हो[Em] जायेगा घर घर आये… [Em]गलियों में बाज़ारों में [A]गाँव खेत मैदानों [Em]में [A]सर्व शक्त प्रभु यीशु में नव भारत (जीवन) [Em]बन जायेगा घर घर आये… Ghar ghar aaye Yeshu naam [Em]Ghar ghar aaye [A]Yeshu naam Har mukh mei who [Em]paawan naam Yeshu naam jai [D]Khrist naam Parmeshwar Prabhu [Em]Yeshu naam [Em]Andhkaar mit jaayega [A]Bharat ab jag [Em]jayega [A]Jagat jyoti Prabhu yeshu mei Suryodaya ho[Em] jaayega Ghar ghar… [Em]Galio’n mei…

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    How God calls us individually – to love and serve him

    God calls upon nations, God calls on tribes, God calls groups, God calls couples, and God calls singles. Whatever category we may fall in, the wholesome and clear calling can always be heard from God only individually.

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    You are the author

    For 2 weeks, once again I was asking God to give me a message for this place. I think more than seeking the will of God, I was bothered about filling this space and therefore I received nothing. Now today, while meditating upon the word ‘jeevan’ (in hindi, which means ‘life’, I was amazed at this one thought. Let’s consider our whole life as a book called LIFE and every day we spend as a page of this book. Each one of us has his own book and every individual is busy writing it everyday, every moment whether realizing it or not. This God given book is currently being authored…

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    Hope beyond all reasoning

    Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. [1 Peter 4:12] Believers or non-believers, all face challenges in their lives. What is the hope for a believing and a professing Christian to go through these pains, challenges, sufferings and hopelessness? Yes! We do have a hope! Jesus comforted his disciples by saying that in this world, you will have trials and tribulations, but be of good cheer, because I have overcome the world (John 16:33). Even if we go through the difficult situations of our lives, our God is with us. We have put our faith in…

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    Blood cancer is healed – Jesus heals | Shubhang

    Praise the lord! My name is Lalit khanchandani. I belong to a Sindhi (Hindu) family. I currently reside in Dubai. By God’s grace, I have got this opportunity to give this testimony on our son Shubhang’s behalf. Hereunder, I will narrate to you how God has given second life to our son. Our son, Shubhang was diagnosed with BLOOD CANCER (Leukemia) when he was 4 year old. It was a shocking moment for us. We desperately went to Mumbai for his treatment where he took chemotherapy for 8 months. We came back to Dubai after taking initial treatment to continue further treatment from Dubai hospital.

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    Is the news of forceful religious conversion true?

    I have heard that Christians do religious conversions forcefully or by luring poor people through money or other benefits like education or medical facilities. Is this true?I have heard that Christians do religious conversions forcefully or by luring poor people through money or other benefits like education or medical facilities. Is this true? Bible does not teach so. The real Christianity would not suggest anything like this and if it has happened in past and present, it is regrettable. From my experience I can firmly say that it did not happen with me and I have not seen it happening so far. Probably I would be the first person to…

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    Hope for hopeless | Brijesh Chorotia

    I have found God who is the source of true peace, love, joy, happiness, success and all heavenly blessings. I am enjoying my life much more than I did earlier. I have confidence and trust in God that HE LOVES ME. My Testimonial I was born in India of Hindu parents in February, 1977. I was educated in Jaipur till my graduation and did my post graduation from IIT-Roorkee, India in Earth Sciences in Applied Geology. While I was in the college, I met a Hindu girl, who was a born again believer (Yeshu Bhakt). She shared the good news of God’s love through his Son Jesus Christ with me…