Evil force conquered | Manoj Kumar


It was in year 1991-92, when I was quite young. Yes, though I was very young, yet I had quite a clear understanding of the affairs going around me. My father was in government job and suddenly he lost his job due to some reason(s) not known to me. He joined a private job in Delhi race course parking.breaking-chains
One day, he saw one idol under a tree in that area. Being religious, he opted to conduct occasional pooja (devotional rituals) to this idol, which later became quite a regular phenomenon. He would conduct pooja and would distribute prasad (consecrated food).

Beginning of our troubles

We did not notice any adverse affects in the beginning; however after some time, we observed that there was some spiritual force of that idol, which started overcoming him. The occasional manifestations of this evil force gradually became a regular event.
My father did not have any bad habits earlier but after those regular visits of the evil spirit, we saw him developing many habits including smoking, eating tobacco etc. He then started taking alcohol and later on became so habitual that he would even consume 4-5 bottles and it would not intoxicate him. Then those frequent fightings started happening in our house, which was not known to us earlier. Continue Reading