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    A Believer’s journey – Prerna Singh

    I had to visit Kuwait. I had to catch a flight in the early morning with my husband and my infant son. Many preparations were done. Ticket were bought first, then getting up in the very early morning, packing bags, packing the food for the baby, standing in the queue for the check-in , passport control queues, taking care of the infant all throughout because he was running here and there at the airport, boarding the plane, plane take off, air pressure causing pain in the ears, sitting in the tight seats, though feeling sleepy yet not able to stretch, landing of the plane, bearing second installment of pain in…

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    Are you Wrestler, boxer or a Soldier

    The word ‘fight’ normally brings a bad picture in our minds. It would not give a good impression of the person who ‘fights’. The scene that quickly pops up in our mind immediately after hearing this term is of – exchange of heated arguments, obscene language, physical assault and some other things of such kinds.

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    Seeing death face to face | Sharon Pervaiz

    Praise the Lord! I praise and thank God that he has kept me among the living beings in this world. I belong to Pakistan.  I was born in a traditional Christian family. My parents were very strict with regards to religion and its traditions. My father was very strict in keeping us regular to Sunday school, church attendance, serving Christ. He always gave these things the first priority (above everything else). I really thank God for such godly parents. I always felt something different about myself from the beginning. I cannot explain it, but I did. I was kind of godly person and would fear God, yet I committed many…