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    Zinda hai Prabhu hamara
    ज़िन्दा है प्रभु हमारा

      ज़िन्दा है प्रभु हमारा [E]ज़िन्दा है प्रभु [B]हमारा, [A]ज़िन्दा है प्रभु हमारा[E] जीवन देता है, [A]शांति देता है [E]वो ही हमारा,[A] राजा है, [F#m]हम सब उसके [A]सेवक[B] हैं[E] [E]भजो हर दम यीशु नाम, [A]शैतां को कर दो नाकाम [E]उस पर डालो बोझ तमाम [A]जीवन होगा तब आसान [E]चिंता हमारी वो [A]करता है [F#m]सारे दुखों को [A]हरता[B] है[E] जिन्दा है… [E]हर पर रहता यीशु साथ, [A]क्या है फिर चिंता की बात [E]कितनी भी हो काली रात, [A]यीशु दिखलायेगा राह [E]वो सच्चा चर[A]वाहा है, [F#m]तृप्त हमें वो [A]करता[B] है[E] जिंदा है प्रभु… [E]यीशु है इतना बलवान, [A]कोई नहीं है उसके समान [E]शैतां के सब चालों का, [A]किया है उसने काम तमाम…

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    How to know that you are alive

    In month of May in year 2006, I got a phone call in the night at 10:00 PM to reach home back in India from Sharjah as soon as possible. Doctors had advised to call all children before they could declare that my father was dead. Actually they wanted me to take the decision. Next evening, while I was standing besides papa, I found him motionless and non-responsive, almost dead. I just prayed for him, told him several things from the Bible, requested him to forgive them who did wrong to him, seek forgiveness from God for all wrongdoings, sang the gospel song(s) he liked most and finally asked him…