Pcard Agreement

The owner of the signed Williams card has read the agreement and the rules above and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions. By clicking on the box “I agree with the specific confirmation of the cardholder,” the PCard card applicant seeks permission to obtain a PCard and agrees to be bound by that agreement. Do not use the expense note in the Concur Travel – Expense system within 45 days. In accordance with the University of Michigan Regents 3.07 (2) (d) law and by the Authority`s delegation by the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, you are entitled to obtain funds on behalf of the university and your unit using a University of Michigan Purchasing (PCard) card issued on your behalf by Procurement Services. Use the PCard for purchases of $5,000 or more (excluding registrations, subscriptions, travel, accommodation and fees). Purchases from government-subsidized accounts must be made in accordance with cost management principles. Non-compliance with uniform guidelines for state-sponsored accounts. All purchases must be made by you on behalf of and for the benefit of the university and university department, school, university, office or any other university in which you are employed. Including health information protected during voting in the Concur Travel – Expense system. I have a valid U-M email address to receive messages from PCard Group and the financial institution PCard. Subscriptions, contributions, subscriptions, conference records, travel and accommodation operations do not exceed the card`s monthly spending limit. Please note that you may be subject to lower monthly limits, as defined by your unit or department.

I am a regular employee of the University of Michigan. Individual transactions for delivery positions and general services must not exceed $5,000. Transactions cannot be split to avoid the $5,000 transaction limit. This is a serious violation of the PCard in order to intentionally purchase items associated with different days from the same supplier in order to avoid the limit of 5,000 USD per transaction. They protect the PCard from unauthorized use. You are responsible for the correct use of the PCard and the registration of fees, and you must keep all the original documentation necessary for the monthly billing of the fees. If the PCard is lost or stolen, you will immediately contact the PCard financial institution to request the account`s closure. Please print the card owner`s agreement and attach it to the purchase card application.

They must follow the rules and procedures established by procurement services and financial transactions. If the PCard is not returned to the unit administrator, if it is reassigned, completed or returned upon request. You are responsible for tracking fees, returns or adjustments that are defective and ensuring that your PCard account is properly credited, including full credit for products returned to a supplier. The PCard Financial Institution and the University may suspend or cancel your Cardholder privileges at any time for one reason or another.