Landlord Tenant Guarantor Agreement

It seems strange that they took so long to get in touch, even leaving the fact that one of the addresses they were using was false. Maybe they had a change of management or key personnel and the new person discovered a shipment of old balances on the Ledger and decided to follow them. They may not even have more details than someone`s contact information and contact information. Or maybe the other 89 tenants sued them for not protecting their deposits, and they suddenly have some money! It is always best to carefully consider each guarantee agreement so that the surety knows how and when its liability ends. It may be possible to negotiate an amendment to the guarantee contract in order to limit the liability of the surety. If you specify z.B the start and end date of the agreement, for example, the duration of the original fixed period.B. Hello my owner has a new agent and wondered if the guarantor was still former agents, or do I have to find another one because I don`t want to ask the previous guarantor? Thank you Hello – I paid 50 dollars a month for a little over a year, towards rent arrears in my previous property. The owner was always in order until my partner (who was with me in the rental agreement) left me with our two young children. I was always honest with the owner, and I explained that I could not afford the $50 a month on my income and that we agreed on $20 a month. It was my fault, and I would like to erase it without the guarantor (my mother) being involved. Everything was fine, I paid by the original owner because I felt more comfortable doing it. However, last week she decided to go to her lawyer to look for guarantee money if I couldn`t pay and more than a month.

Since I paid more than $1,000 of that debt and the rest is $380, I was a little lost. We agreed on a $30-a-month deal, plus I have to pay their legal fees. I still want to pay the owner, not her. She sometimes harasses me with up to 4 emails a day, and I don`t want to deal with her. I am concerned that no other party is involved as a “safeguard” because they want me to pay them directly. She says she has the power to initiate legal proceedings if a payment is late (which they never are!), but she seems to be able to make her own rules and I fear she will initiate proceedings and I will be stuck. Their terms of $30 a month are that I pay them directly, I`m happy to pay, I just want to pay the agent. Do I have the right to do so because of my concerns? It may be possible to negotiate a change to a warranty agreement with the owner. This would ensure that the liability of the deposit is limited to your rent or damage that you have caused. The text of the bail form is important because it is a legal contract and can be applied by the courts according to its wording, so it is essential to use one from a serious source.