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Is spirituality old-fashioned?

Is spirituality old-fashioned?

This question is pertinent to ask because spirituality sounds old-fashioned and outdated to the modern society.

This is the bare truth of the modern society. In today’s culture – fun, fashion, openness, equality and ‘something different & liberal’ trends. Today’s youth finds it odd to mingle and settle with spirituality because it looks like the thing of the aged people. Spirituality is also looked down because it appears boring, monotonous, judgmental and binding. However, the main reason is – that it has been there from the ages and only the elderly people talk about it. To a young person, it is old-fashioned and certainly not trendy.


On the other side, if you think deeply and rationally – all essentials required for life are as old as human history or are older than the humanity.

The lockdown due to Coronavirus has forced the markets, malls, offices, entertainment-hubs, sports-events, factories and pretty everything to be closed and called-off. We are required to be disciplined and stay in the four walls of our own houses and survive with ONLY the essentials of life. Almost all luxuries are cut off for most of the people. While we like to have bigger houses, expensive cars, beautiful watches and jewellery as well as other luxuries of life; in the critical times as now, we find that none of them are as important as food, water and light. A sane and thinking mind must come to realize that – actually, we can survive with the basics – sunlight, shelter, water, food and our loved ones. Nothing else is as essential as these.

We know the sun, moon and stars are older than us. Sunlight is older. Water is older. Minerals of the ground are older. Stones are older. Plants and trees are older. Animals are almost of the same age as us. Food and Agriculture are of the same age as humans. From the beginning, man has not survived without these and so we must conclude that – OLDER THINGS DO NOT LOOSE VALUE, if you think of it seriously. Spirituality, not religion, has existed from the same time when humans came into existence. It is equally essential to life as much as other older things like light, food and water are. Spirituality cannot loose value just because it is old – as much as sunlight and water and food do not loose value because they are old. They are all essential to life.

Bible says God is spirit (John 4:24). He exists eternally. Man was in spiritual dimension, in the thoughts of God even before the foundations of the earth (Ephesians 1:4). Human beings were created by him to stay in fellowship with him.

However, man who was created in God’s image and likeness, used his free-will and he fell from grace. Humanity became sinful in its attitude, thinking and ways.

Contrary to our popular belief that telling lies, theft, adultery, anger, lust, murder and all such crimes are sin; sin has a spiritual dimension with greater cause & implications then just physical side of it. Sin separated us from God and the ‘lack of spirituality’ or ‘distancing from spirituality’ became the new normal. God wants us to be united back with him but sin wants us to stay away from God and godly thoughts. While we are OK with the religiosity, which is physical dimension of spirituality – which means, we are fine doing charity, going to temple and mosque, offering foods, gifts and money to God, we are not willing to establish a relationship with God. This explains the bias of the modern society against the spirituality.

Nevertheless, if you realize that ALL essential things of life are old, you would like to embrace spirituality too. Bible says that if we repent of our sins, God will forgive us (1 John 1:9) and reunite us with him as his children (John 1:12) because penalty of sin – death (Romans 6:23), is already paid by Jesus Christ. Believing and living by these principles, as laid out in the Bible, is spirituality. It is an act of surrender, submission in repentance, bowing to God in humility and belief, as well as an act of reciprocating the love. God showed his love on the cross when Christ died for the sins of the world, we can show our love by accepting the offer of forgiveness and eternal life and live in a love relationship with God. This is spirituality.

Spirituality is grossly misunderstood as going to satsang, embracing meditation and other spiritual engineering techniques, giving up the earthly social responsibilities and separating yourself from this world. Biblical spirituality is not so. This belief in Jesus Christ or biblical spirituality has nothing to do with religion. I have been in relationship with my creator for 20 plus years now and my religion is not converted, I have not adopted any specific lifestyle or clothing or monotonous way of behaving, I have only started a love relationship. I may not spiritual from wordly standards but live in constant union with God, taking care of all my worldly responsibilities as any one else does, but with more hope, conviction, integrity and openness.

Do you feel a pull to settle your account with God? Do you know the battle of good and bad, right and wrong and godly and evil raging war in your conscious? If yes, then believe in God today. Spirituality is not outdated – embrace it as essential of life.

Life is eternal. Life is precious. God loves you and wants to give you abundant life. Accept his love. Live an abundant life.

God bless you