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Good News: He justifies the ungodly

But to him who does not work but believes on Him who JUSTIFIES THE UNGODLY his faith is accounted for righteousness… (emphasis added).

[Romans 4:5 ,Holy Bible]

I find it so amazing and it is so extra-ordinary to hear something like this ‘he (Jesus) justifies the ungodly’. This is surely a ‪#‎goodnews‬ because in our heart of hearts, we know how ‪#‎ungodly‬ we are or have been.

3 types of ungodly people exist:

  1. atheists, who totally deny the existence of God. Ofcourse they have nothing to do with God and are ungodly (un-God-ly)
  2. religious people, who have made so many rituals and culture as well as laws and punishment on violating the religious law that they have disconnected themselves from the Spirit of God. Despite being crudely religious, they are ungodly because they violate love, mercy, equality and justice but impose extremism and threat to those who do not follow their religion. They do not think, object, question or answer anything about God.
  3. neo-spiritual people, who tend to do good, follow the man-made morality, attain knowledge but neglect the importance of establishing a relationship with our creator.

We may fall into any of the aforesaid categories, the good news is for all of us. Jesus came to forgive the sins of every ungodly person and justify him/her provided he/she realizes that:

  • he/she has fallen from the grace,
  • has been ungodly and opposed having a relationship with the creator (worse even – denying his existence),
  • he/she need to repent and believe in God with a surrendered heart to Jesus to be healed, forgiven and reconciled.

All are welcome to God – regardless of our religion, secular or spiritual disposition and state of ungodliness.

A doctor can cure us only if we are willing to express our pain, weakness and illness. If we don’t and if we are unwilling to be treated, even the best doctor of the world cannot cure us of our sickness (sin is fatal sickness to our spirit).

In case, you do not feel sick, never mind. Let the doctor examine you and certify you that you are healthy. Nothing can be more tragic than certifying oneself healthy (godly/holy/no-need of God) if at all, in the last we found, we were indeed unhealthy (ungodly).