Miraculous Healings,  Testimonies

Family who saw a miracle

They say, ” Lord shine, wonder, beautiful miracle, my Lord !!!”

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

I am glad that you are reading this page. May God bless you as you read on, I have prayed for you. I am joyful that you wish to know more about me, but I will tell you, what God has done for me.

I belong to a Marathi hindu family. I was the first person in my family who was saved. In the month of May in 1998, I set myself on fire due to some personal/emotional reasons (and compelled by some unknown black-magic power). Though I came to realization soon and tried to save myself, yet I was half burnt. I was actually almost dead (100%), but our neighbor (building-mate), who was a believer, prayed for me along with her church members for my life. And I survived. Soon after their prayers, I opened my eyes – I was alive. But we did not believe in Jesus.

Next year in year 1999-2000, my mother got seriously ill. Some water was accumulated in her stomach. We tried every thing (except going back to God – we did not know Jesus yet)- we took her to every good hospital (even to Hinduja hospital), but nothing seem to be working. Even doctors could not find out what was the actual problem, cure was no where near. We had a hope with doctors, but when they also gave up, we did not know whom to turn to – there was no one to help us.

My brothers and my father also were terribly upset. My papa’s one friend asked us to go to some witch-doctors. Though we were not superstitious people, but we were totally broken. We yielded to every advise which gave us any hope that our mother could be saved. We did go to the witch doctors also, but nothing changed. In fact, my mother’s illness kept growing worse and finally doctors gave us only 2 months time. They said that she would not live more than 2 months, we were utterly despaired by the thought of losing our mother. We were really really broken and did not know what to do next. We would try to console/comfort each other but would start crying. There was no hope – we use to weep day and night.

We made every effort not to cry in front of each other and also not to disclose the situation to mother, but she came to know about it. She was in the hospital then, but she started forcing papa to take her to home, so that she could die in her home, seeing her children till last moment. Papa persuaded her to stay in the hospital but finally he gave up and sought permission from the hospital to take her home. The doctor who was treating my mother, had already lost the hope and had said that they tried their best but nothing was working so he also insisted us to just believe in God who might help. My mother’s health kept falling day by day. Her navel (stomach) was swollen and blood would ooze out of it frequently. I used to clean her and I can remember those days – as clear as yesterday. I did it all by my own hands. I would speak to myself – is there no one who could help and save my mother; is there really some God or not. I was completely broken by now.

Papa, who never used to drink earlier, started using liquor everyday. He would come back home drunk and pour out his problem, frustration of helplessness and anger upon me – but he used to love me a lot too. He never gave up completely though and his strength is commendable. Our many relatives persuaded him to make another marriage but papa would say that my children are very dear to me and I am happy with my family, whatsoever.

We were loosing time very fast. Once a tamil sister came to our house and asked us if she could give our contact details to the pastor so that he may visit and pray. She gave us hope that God would work in our situation and would deliver. We thought that we have done everything, but nothing happened, lets try Jesus also. She explained to us that God does not want anything from us but that we simply trust in him and thank him for his goodness. We agreed and next sunday, my parents went to the church. My papa told us that in this church, there was idol, no incense, no candles nothing, but people from all caste and religion worshipping God.

After few days, we realized that there was black magic spelled on us. My mother sometimes would speak in different tones and voices, she would try to kill others or kill herself. Gradually brother John from the church started coming regularly to fast and pray for our mother. A believer brother would also come with him to pray to Jesus for us. During one of the prayer times, he asked my mother – what do you see? My mother told I see one person standing with his hand open wide. And that his presence was very beautiful; he talk to me. Immediately this brother said, “Sister you shall be healed in this week. Lord has done a miracle in your life. Amen, yes Lord, a miracle.

But on the third day, the water (and later blood also) started oozing out of my mother’s stomach at home only, and she became very afraid. She started telling me to take care of Papa and brothers (determined in her mind that it was her last time and she would die soon). She was telling me not to be married but to take care of household things etc but in my heart, I had a comfortable feeling that Jesus was working in her. I told her instantly that Jesus was doing a great work in her and she would be healed soon. I knew that she would not die but live with us. I immediately called papa and Brother John.

This was 13th January, when my mother got healed and our faith was transformed to a living God who hear prayers and answer them. We are very happy since that day. God showed his light to us that day and my younger brother saw angels guarding and ministering us. We started to go to Church and our faith started growing. Our whole family has dedicated themselves to serve God and minister his people in villages. Now we know the source of hope, joy, peace and healing and many people who are going through tough situations come to us and get peace, love, joy and healing in the name of Jesus.

If you are blessed by reading this testimony and would like to know more about Jesus, Contact us. If you are facing any problem, just trust in Jesus and pray with us and God will work –

“Dear Lord Jesus, today I have come to know that you are living and prayer answering God. Lord I am in deep trouble . Lord please rescue me and deliver me as I start trusting in you from today. Save me, forgive my sins and by my Lord. Thank you for listening this prayer and answering it. In Jesus name, Amen.”

* Name(s) changed upon request for maintaining anonymousity of the witness