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Bhai Anil Kant comes from a Hindu-Punjabi family. His parents, being very devout and religious, taught him Hindu scriptures from a young age. Music was an integral part of Anil bhai's life. In spite of the regular spiritual guidance from his parents; he still knew that something was amiss and from a young age had a quest for a close relationship with God.

In 1990 he moved to Jakarta, Indonesia with his wife Reena to continue the musical journey which give Anil bhai recognition, prosperity and greater achievements. But at the same time, his heart continued to search for the truth as he had been longing for a deep and enduring relationship with God.

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Some close friends invited him to train their church choir in Indian music. During these training sessions the love of Jesus was shared with him. They prayed consistently for Bhai Anil's family. It opened up his heart slowly and he began to read the Bible. And the truth set him free from all bondages and rituals. God is true to his word and Anil bhai got his entire house to Jesus in the year 2001 and found great inner peace. He uncovered a new direction that God had in store for his life. While the circumstances were same, everything seemed new. Anil bhai testifies “when God puts his hand on you, everything changes so quickly”. A heart shift led to change in his music and his writing.

Anilkant bhai has dedicated his life and work for the Lord and is pastoring a church fellowship called SATSANG. By now, he has released several Spirit filled hindi worship song's albums: Khushkabri, Aye mere badshah, Atma me prarthana, Pray for India, Ibadat karo, Liberty, Meri rooh se, Yeshu mere saath hei, Sab Khuda ka, Sach sach kahta hoon and Thy kingdom come.

* Testimony taken from www.anilkant.org and as heard in our personal meeting with him.
** Read detailed testimony and watch videos online on www.southasianconnection.com

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"The Lord was ready to save me: therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of the Lord."

[Isaiah 38:20]

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