City on the hill

During one of my recent travels to Uttaranchal, I visited Hrishikesh for a prayer walk with Shishye Thompson. As we were traveling on the meandering roads of this hilly region, I saw many houses built on the hills, mostly painted in white color but some in other colors too. The houses with other colors were camouflaged with the mountains and trees in the background. It was difficult to see them clearly, they just looked lost.

Immediately, I was reminded of the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ –

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

(Matthew 5:14)

As this verse started to talk to me, I realized that even though we are like a city which is on the high hills, yet, by following the patterns of this world, we may obscure the glory of God which should be manifested through us (so that all people around us may know and worship our true God). If our attitudes, or desires, or actions, or talks are like this world, who will treat us as ambassadors of the most high God.

As we were traveling back again from the same route in the late evening and sun was already gone down, the only houses which were visible to us, were the ones which had their lights on. The houses on high hills could not be seen from distance due to surrounding darkness, if their lights were not switched on.

God spoke in my heart again, that we as believers of Christ, are like the city on the hills but if we do not reflect the light of God’s love and holiness through our lives, we will still remain obscured in the darkness which prevails all around.

This incident has encouraged me to reflect the glory of God in whatever I do, I speak and how I react to the situations. Lets pray –

Father, help us by the power of your Holy Spirit, to live a life of faith so that in everything, we may shine and reflect your glory in this lost world. Amen.