Faith Refined by Persecution

Real life stories of people who suffered and saw the glory of God in his protecting hand over their lives

  • Faith Refined by Persecution,  Testimonies

    Seeing death face to face | Sharon Pervaiz

    Praise the Lord! I praise and thank God that he has kept me among the living beings in this world. I belong to Pakistan.  I was born in a traditional Christian family. My parents were very strict with regards to religion and its traditions. My father was very strict in keeping us regular to Sunday school, church attendance, serving Christ. He always gave these things the first priority (above everything else). I really thank God for such godly parents. I always felt something different about myself from the beginning. I cannot explain it, but I did. I was kind of godly person and would fear God, yet I committed many…

  • Faith Refined by Persecution,  Testimonies

    My Fortress, Prince of Peace, My Lord, Jesus | Aarti Modi

    Family Background My name is Aarti Modi (was known as Aarti Sharma before marriage). I was born in a small village in Rajasthan in 1985 in a Brahman family. Our family was devoted to all Hindu gods and goddesses and would religiously do idol worship in the temple. As part of this belief, we would also believe in associated superstitions. I was a very religious girl and would follow the example of my dadiji in performing religious duty. Dadiji used to tell Hindu mythological stories to other ladies in the village, go to temple every day – morning and evening, go for teerthyatra etc. I would follow her example and…