A Believer’s journey – Prerna Singh

I had to visit Kuwait.

I had to catch a flight in the early morning with my husband and my infant son. Many preparations were done. Ticket were bought first, then getting up in the very early morning, packing bags, packing the food for the baby, standing in the queue for the check-in , passport control queues, taking care of the infant all throughout because he was running here and there at the airport, boarding the plane, plane take off, air pressure causing pain in the ears, sitting in the tight seats, though feeling sleepy yet not able to stretch, landing of the plane, bearing second installment of pain in the ears, tired etc.

Why did we take all this pain? It was all because we wanted to go, we knew our destination, we were aware that at the end of all this tiresome journey, our friend is waiting eagerly at the airport with a car to drive us home, to give a warm welcome to us, serve us nice food, to give us rest and joy…

oh!!! once I heard the joyful voice of my brother Reni, I forgot all the pains I had taken to reach my destination.

Our spiritual life is also a journey which has a splendid and grand end, with Jesus waiting eagerly at the end of journey to receive us in the heaven.

 God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall be there any more pain, for the former things are passed away.

[Revelation 21:4]

This is the promise of God Himself and the end of the journey we are making. What a beautiful end!!!

To complete this journey, let us fix our eyes on our final destination, i.e. ‘heaven’. Do not look right or left. Do not look at the world, stay focused on the supreme God Jesus Christ who is standing at the other end of this long tiresome, painstaking, squeezing journey of life to receive us in His kingdom.

Peter made a small journey on water when he asked Jesus if he could walk on water (Mathew 14 : 25-32). As soon as Jesus commanded, he started walking on water. He was doing the undoable, walking on the impossibility. But when he shifted his focus from Jesus to the strong wind, he started to sink. I am sure if this shift in focus had not taken place he could have walked to Jesus and Jesus would have received Peter joyfully embracing him.

God has encouraged me by my this travel, to endure everything which comes my way just keeping my focus on Jesus. Trust in Jesus and run the race with confidence and God will receive you joyfully at the end of your journey.  Read Matthew 22 : 37-40 ( two great commandments) and Galatians 5:22-25 to recieve the strength to accomplish this journey. AMEN