Masihi Satsang | Hindi fellowship

Masihi Satsang | Hindi fellowship

We love the Lord and we believe in bhakti, prarthana and pravachan. We are a Satsang of Yeshu Masih or you may like to call us hindi fellowship, conducted in Indian traditional ways. A Yeshu Satsang, where we talk of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and obey him, while keeping our cultural values intact. We believe in simplicity, we believe in family and we welcome people from any religion, country and culture who is interested in worshipping Prabhu Yeshu in Hindi.

You shall know the TRUTH and truth shall set you free… Truth shall sanctify you…

Attend spiritual SATSANG (Hindi) with us or if you know someone who is looking for Masihi Satsang in hindi, you can direct them to:

Aatmik Sandesh Masihi Satsang

Please call for more details:
Bro Brijesh Chorotia – +91 9571 993937
Bro Rajkumar Kataria – +91 9810020843

Email us at aatmiksandesh_at_gmail_dot_com

आत्मिक संदेश मसीही सत्संग

अधिक जानकारी के लिये संपर्क करें:
भाई ब़ृजेश चोरोटिया – +91 9571 993937
भाई ऱाजकुमार कटारिया – +91 9810020843

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